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An Energetic Experience

Sahaja Yoga gives the unique experience of feeling inner energy while meditating. When awakened, this energy within you creates a powerful sensation in your hands and body. It helps absorb your thoughts and you start enjoying moments of mental silence. Many times your meditation ends with the reward of a peaceful and clear mind.

When resting, the energy is stored at the bottom of your spine in the sacrum bone. The techniques of Sahaja Yoga awaken the energy, and it moves up the spinal column to the top of the head. You can then feel it above your head as a gentle, cool breeze. Sometimes the energy can feel hot if your mind is preoccupied – for instance, if you’re holding onto troublesome thoughts. If that is the case, it helps if you can forgive yourself and others.

When you arrive at a good place mentally, the energy feels like a cool breeze in the hands, on the feet, and above the head. This new awareness and development of your personal energy will then take you to the next step – the ability to have regular and successful meditations.

The key to having a successful meditation is to put your attention on the energy above your head. When you keep your attention on the energy, your
thoughts slow down and you experience moments of comfort and relaxation. With practice, you will have longer moments of both and the enjoyment of feeling your own personal energy. It is recommended to meditate twice a day for about ten minutes at a time. This will help you to increase your sensitivity to the energy and your ability to keep your attention on the top of your head. With a bit of practice, you should be able to feel the energy consistently.

A complete set of videos are available for you at www.freemeditationtv.com. They provide guided meditations, useful information, and a variety of music to complete the experience.
Made by volunteers, their designed for everyone who would like to meditate, and who were just waiting for an easy way to start 🙂

– By Andrew T –